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Currently we charge 12 EUR incl. VAT once for each order as order processing fee. This fee will be displayed in the shopping cart.

About us

Welcome to Domain & Webspace Tremmel!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Manuel Tremmel and I am the owner of the company Domain & Webspace Tremmel (Einzelunternehmung).
As a web hosting company we have specialized in managed/shared webhosting with PHP and MySQL, domain registration of virtually any top level domain as well as web application development.

Why Domain & Webspace Tremmel?

My goal is to offer you quality webhosting for fair prices and sustainability.
Our server center


Our goal is to provide you the best quality of support we can offer to you.

Excellent support is a matter of fact for us. On top of that, we try to help you with any questions that might arise when they might also be useful for others (even programming questions in exceptional cases) - a service which is not included by most competitors. We archieve that by automating repetitive work (e.g. the booking process) so that we have more time to anwer your questions.

Quality and service

We give you full control of the domains you own. We believe that it is important to be able to adjust DNS and zone resource records for free. Obviously, you are the owner and admin-c (or any person chosen by you) of the domains registered with us. That is, you can change the IP address that your domain is pointing to at any time without having to pay a fee. You can also change the owner, Admin-c of a domain and unless the registry charges us a fee for that update, this update is going to be free for you as well. That implies that when ordering domains with us, you can also order webspace from someone else and vice versa. We are not going to put stones into your way.

Our servers have had an uptime and availablility of around 99.99% so far. Check yourself!
We offer high quality webhosting services to private and commercial customers.
We use Apache servers running on Linux operating systems.

Money back guarantee

We are convinced that you will enjoy our webhosting plans! Therefore, after ordering you can cancel the webspace within 2 weeks without giving reasons and you will get your money back. (Domains are not elegible to the money back guarantee.)

We guarantee short response time. If not, you will get your money back.


Using economies of scale and wide use of automation in booking, customer management, we can keep your prices low and our hands free not just to support you, but also to help you as much as well can.

Recommend our service to friends and relatives, and you will get a webspace voucher. This will reduce the price of your webspace plan. For more information, please see the corresponding page.

Thank you very much for your interest and looking forward to welcoming you as a client,

Manuel Tremmel
Chairman of Domain & Webspace Tremmel
Bachelor of Science in Informatics (TUM)