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Additional services

Hosting Performance 200

Customers per CPU core
Customers per server
valid for one webhosting account
guaranteed availability

Minimum hardware equipment (server)

4 CPU cores with 3 GHz minimum
100 MBit connection
5.00 / year (0.42 / month)

Hosting Performance 100

Customers per CPU core
Customers per server
valid for one webhosting account
guaranteed availability

Minimum hardware equipment (server)

4 CPU cores with 3 GHz minimum
100 MBit connection
15.00 / year (1.25 / month)

Hosting Performance 50 SSD

Customers per CPU core
Customers per server
SSD hard disk

Minimum hardware equipment (server)

4 CPU cores with 6 GHz minimum
1 GBit Anbindung
30.00 / year (2.50 / month)

Homepage Builder

no programming skills required
suitable for beginners
over 300 high-quality designs for almost all industries and topics
picture gallery, guestbook, contact form and much more.
integrate Youtube and Flash videos
Google Maps
Social buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google+
Online Tour, where the functionality of the homepage construction kit is explained
9.99 / year (0.83 / month)

Website migration

migration of your Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Typo3, phpBB or Piwik installation (others on request)
migration of files and database
self-talking database and folder names
turnkey handover
guarantee of success, i. e. no payment without functional installation
single payment
15.00 per migrated Web applications

Preinstalled application

installation of a web application on your webhosting account hosted by us
you receive the access data for your web application on a turnkey basis
WordPress, drupal, Joomla, typo3, Piwik, owncloud and much more (on request)
a pre-installed application is free of charge when ordering a webhosting account.
incl. installation of a free SSL/TLS certificate for your domain
p.s. you can also install applications yourself free of charge and without complications. We help you to concentrate on the essentials: the content of your website.
3.00 once

Phone advice

telephone support regarding web hosting and setup
assignment and implementation of your individual website wishes by telephone
competent contact persons with IT qualifications
IT consulting for companies by IT-Tremmel (preliminary discussion)
payment: per hour or part thereof of the total call duration
40.00 per hour

Advice / training

consulting/training via email, chat / instant messaging regarding webhosting, setup and customization
easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions tailored to your needs
Script programming assistance
comprehensive advice on how to make your website easier to find, analysis tools for website visits, suggestions for requested blog topics.
consulting on the monetization of websites
competent contact persons with IT qualifications
including web hosting support as well as web hosting tickets regarding server problems and failures are always free of charge.
starting at 3.00 once

Text translation

translation of your texts or website
German-English/English-German and many other languages
200 words
minimum length per order
no sworn translator
0.15 per word

Remote hands

implementation of your individual wishes up to a "carefree package".
finding and fixing script and programming errors
customize the configuration, installation or development of scripts for your website
set up your website "by phone" according to your wishes, e. g. based on Word texts ("VIP Service")
e. g. route map, contact form, intro for your website
e. g. automation of processes, calculations based on weather data
starting at 10.00 per task (depending on specification)