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We strongly encourage everyone to recommend Domain & Webspace Tremmel.

Domain & Webspace Tremmel offers a provision of 50% of the price of the webhosting account (starting with 2GB). Example: with a webhosting fee of 10 EUR per year (e.g.), a provision of 5 EUR is paid to the person that won the client. However, it is required that the new client does not cancel his service at Domain & Webspace Tremmel for at least one year, the the order is not cancelled and that the invoice gets paid (to avoid order scam).

When a voucher on the value of goods is used by the newly acquired customer, the provision payment is reduced proportionally.

Domains and SSL/TLS certificates as well as our additional services such as website migration are excluded from this provision.

We can also offer you a tracking URL that allows purchases of clients coming from your site to be identified. Purchases from your site will then automatically give you the provision when applicable. Please contact the support for more information.