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Hosting Performance

What about low latency and better server performance than our standard webhosting accounts?

For our web hosting packages we exclusively use dedicated servers with 4 Intel Cores x min. 3.2 GHz with min. 16GB RAM with a RAID 1.

The number of clients per server is limited starting with the 2GB package to 100 customers per core and 400 customers per server *. In addition, we carry out a constant load monitoring to migrate customers with a large load to other servers (or dedicated servers on their own) or possibly fix script problems that may be the cause for great load. For average customer can be provided with good performance at a very competitive price so at low load low latency.

For our Premium and business customers and all those for whom quality and performance is more important than price, we recommend ordering the web hosting accounts with hosting performance. This means that your web hosting account on a dedicated server is created, corresponding to the requirements customers per server.

Our server administrators take in hosting performance servers, the load generated by each customer particularly under the microscope in order to eliminate disadvantages for other customers due to excessive load of detail and advise you how the load can possibly be reduced or how to improve the latency. Through consistent monitoring we can assure you that the resources available to you are greater than in a comparable web hosting account with a higher number of customers. In addition, because of our monitoring you do not need to fear that you "subsidize" customers with higher load.

While our standard servers are very much in demand, are on our "Premium" servers often significantly less customers as contractually agreed (currently < 10 customers). Therefore, this package is our secret, if you want to use now and probably also in the future all the power of a dedicated server "almost alone".

In the hosting performance package, a one-time migration to another server be possible when we can not accept the relocation of the files and database for you.

The Performance Hosting 100 package and hosting performance 50 package is aimed particularly at companies for which the continuous accessibility and low latency to their site of utmost importance. For Hosting Performance 50 we use SSD hard drives (solid state drives), which gives a very exciting experience for the visitors of your website.

Our standard and Hosting Performance Server (200, 100) a connection with a 100 Mbps switch port. For Hosting Performance 50, the server is connected via 1 GBit switch port (no guarantee).

Managed dedicated PLESK-Server

If you operate sites with very large load and e.g. thousands of visits per day using one's own dedicated server can be worthwhile. We manage the server administration for you. Please contact the support if you are interested.

Price: from 80 EURO per month including VAT. No setup fee.

Duration to process the order: about 5 working days

*) Applies only to orders starting at 15 October 2014. When web hosting package are requested with different IPs, this commitment shall apply only if explicitly requested. Web Hosting Packages without a limitation on the number of customers per server are managed depending on the server load.