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Remote hands

Would you like change something on your website, but don't know how it works (website-introduction, contact form, access map, etc.)?

Or do you have a text e.g. as a Word document, from which the homepage should be set up - and you would like to convey your requirements through telephone and would like us to convert it ("Complete - Worry-free plan" / "VIP-Service")?

Are you irritated by script errors and cannot find them?

Do you require help or advice for developing web applications?

Are there recurring procedures, which you would like to automate with an Online-Tool(e.g. weather data based on calculations or other measured data?

Do you have an installed web application in your computer and und want to go online with it without worrying much about it?

Or do you want to be able to download the completely pre-configured email-Client Thunderbird as a portable application and let us set up the mailboxes for you?

Or do you want a simple form-/databank based content management system in which you can enter e.g. contact persons/Products etc. in a form without worrying about formatting or design?

No matter what it is: We can realise your requirements and offer you years of experience for second to none reasonable terms. we are able to offer you these resonable conditions as we use selfdeveloped tools and are able to use existing Scripts again. Because of this spezialization, we work efficiently and very reasonably.

Info: Due to our reasonable prices, finding and solving errors in the script and configuration are not included in the domain- and webhosting-packets. But we can provide you help with manuals for setting up and configuration of your webhosting-accounts. If the functions and features don't function, which according to the performance description are a part of our Service, then problemsolving is always free.

Interested? Then contact our support team and describe your requirements and also mention, if possible, your budget for the assignment. You may to pay on an hourly basis or you may get a fixed price offer. We would be pleased to receive your requests through Chat / Instant Messaging. For bigger projects, you can also use our callback-service.

Price (in case of fixed price): from 10.00 € onwards one time depending on the difficulty level(max. 30 minutes employing selfdeveloped tools)

Hourly rate: from 40.00 € per hour

Custom-made web applications

Along with the development and configuration of web applications, we also check your scripts for security flaws and offer you best solutions, e.g. to avoid Webspam, recognition and solving of XSS and SQL injection flaws.

During the development of web applications or softwares, we can revert to a big repertoire of generic modules, with which we can complete demanding projects in the shortest possible time. For that we can also customize the software based on your requirements through the individual configurablility of our Module-Based framework for software development. Due to this fact, our products are often more reasonable than expected and also clearly cheaper than other comparable products of competitors or software companies.

We have solutions, if you want to centrally administer the execution of upto 100 such similar but individualized sites. In that way you can also improve your Arbeitfluss and gain time through lesser manual adjustments and updates of individual installations.

Please organize an appointment before ordering this service. We can deliver the remote hands or development services only at the times which our support team may tell you.

Price: 55,00 € / hour for developing web applications and softwares

Remote hands

Extended support and customizations for your website
Customization of configuration, installation or development of scripts for your website
finding and fixing script and programming errors
implementation of your individual wishes up to a "carefree package".
set up your website "by phone" according to your wishes, e. g. based on Word texts ("VIP Service")
e. g. route map, contact form, intro for your website
e. g. automation of processes, calculations based on weather data
starting at 40.00 per hour