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Search engine optimization includes on site Maßnahmen (E.g. meta description) also out off the site Maßnahmen, especially the link building.

With search engine optimization (off-site SEO) it is primarily about quality of links, which refer to a page - not the number of links received. We use exclusively legal, white-hat Methods of search engine optimization. Duplicates, thus texts, that occur on other websites, in identical wording, can cause that the efforts backfire: the website is punished and is no more discoverable in searching machines. Due to our years of experience with numerous website projects we can help, as the natural ranking theymprove their website without advertising spending. We rely entirely on thequality of the entry text for your website, we providein manual labor. Our texts are written not only for machines , but also informative and interesting for readers. We write a short article about your site, which contains a link to your page. This article is respectively rewritten each time one by us. So reworded that the risk of "duplicate content" does not exist. Therefore you save time, to 'invent' new descriptions for your website. This article with link be placed on a related Web site, that we host. So we can even check control the quality of the website where your link is placed.

In addition, we guarantee for each entry of your Web project, that no more than 4 of the sites on which appears an article for your Web project, exhibit an identical IP (less if possible). Different IPs can enhance the effectiveness of the links. Unlike as in classic Web catalogs, we give you a guarantee, that this article first entered and can be found for a period of at least 3 years and by do-follow on your site link. At the end of the 3 years, your links will not be deleted, but usually still exist. However, our warranty period ends after three years. In traditional Web catalogs is do-follow is still hard to find. If the hosted websites links (for whatever reason) to be removed must be placed links to another suitable site.

So that we can take action, we need from you at least 1000 characters description text, which does not appear on your site (and describes, for example, your project, and the idea behind it).

Due to the proprietary ranking algorithms, we can give no guarantee for a better ranking or a ranking inheritance.

We enter without any further action on your part in the web directories for the links. A check of the description text by you in advance is in this affordable offer not included in the price and therefore not provided. However, we can offer you an additional charge this possibility. A manually editing the entries by you is free but possible.

Sites with discriminatory, racist, violent, pornographic, erotic as well as extreme left or right political content are excluded from our services. Classic spam topics as 'quickly become rich without work' or 'Buy viagra' and will not be accepted. We reserve the right in principle, to reject pages for other reasons.

Please organize an appointment before ordering a web catalog listings. Web catalog listings are possible only at the times which our support team may tell you.

5.50 per listing
150.00 per 30 listings


Search engines and optimization-technical reasons, no more than 10 entries with links can be created per 14 days.

Order only through the support possible.

Erweiterte Linkgarantie

After 3 years with a guaranteed link guarantee may turn the link into a nofollow link or entry are away from us, if this can be beneficial for the Web catalog or if you set the Web catalog. Not so with our package 'Advanced' link warranty. The dofollow link warranty will receive for 25,00 EUR per year for up to 50 entries. The dofollow link warranty will receive for 45.00 EUR per year for up to 100 entries. the modified date of your entry will be updated every 3 months (if displayed). The Advanced link guarantee can be requested from the 4th year after registration. This payment helps us, the running costs for the Web catalogues and required Perform optimization measures. As part of the link guarantee the domain of all entries can be changed, if you decide to choose a different domain name. A reformulation of the link text is not included in the service free of charge.

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