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Server configuration

Our servers - sample configuration

we operate many servers with slightly different configuration. Here we introduce one of our current servers.

new ordered Web hosting accounts from the 2GB-Paket be set up on a comparable (or better) servers.

data center

server configuration

operating system: Debian with Plesk

dedicated server with 4 cores x 3 GHz, 16 GB RAM

connectivity: up to 100 Mbps

FTPS (FTP with explicit TLS/SSL encryption)

mail server (with encrypted password, TLS/SSL encryption)

in order to offer our customers the best possible performance, the number of customers from the 2GB-Paket is * limited to this server to 100 customers per core or 400 customers per server. For you, this means a relatively low server load and shorter reaction times of the server when you call of your Web sites. For an additional fee, we offer hosting performance packages, where the maximum number of clients per server is significantly lower.

Secure SSL encryption process: our new servers are configured to prevent known attacks on the encryption scheme of the Web sites. The corresponding tests our SSL configuration, we regularly receive top grades or good reviews. You see yourself amongBewertung der SSL/TLS-Verschlüsselung auf SSLLabs. Gladly we invite you to test also the Web server of our competitors.

Reseller friendly: The PLESK login URL we have chosen so that you can sell our services WhiteLabel to your customers. We provide for this purpose Web hosting reseller accounts available for customers. Although an inference on the datacenter and domain webspace Tan will succeed in the professional, for the uninitiated, that is however not obvious.

If you want a Web hosting account on a Web server, the HTTP/2 or SPDY support, please contact our support.


We use nginx as a reverse proxy. Static files (images, client scripts are always directly delivered by nginx.


The use of AuthType Basic (so simple password protection) is possible.

.htaccess files can be used to control the behavior of the server when accessing the website. So a password protection, URL rewrite rules, access permissions can be established u.v.m. with the help of .htaccess files (e.g. only for certain IPs). We allow you the use of AllowOverride Options and limit. Further instructions can be configured in Plesk.


latest version of PHP: PHP 7, also PHP 5.6 and PHP 5.4

Do you know if our Web hosting account meets the system requirements for your Web application?

Available PHP modules:

Is the PHP module you need not listed here? Ask the support if it is possible to use the module you need.

GZip compression can be activated with mod_gzip via the. htaccess file.

*) applies only to orders from mid-October 2015. If you want Web hosting package with different IP, this commitment applies only when explicitly requested. Web hosting packages without guarantee regarding the customers per server be managed depending on the load.