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Currently we charge 12 EUR incl. VAT once for each order as order processing fee. This fee will be displayed in the shopping cart.

Website migration

You have a website with another provider that you want to move to us and would like to leave the transfer of files via FTP and the export/import of the database to us? Or have you installed a web application locally and find out that moving is a bit more difficult than you thought?

We are happy to transfer your website from your previous provider or your local installation to us. Of course, you can request detailed instructions from us, which we will gladly provide you with free of charge and tailored to your needs. However, unexpected problems still arise again and again. With many plugins you may find that the absolute path is used on the server. Worse still, the path cannot be replaced by search-and-replace (example: PHP's serialized array can be destroyed by search-and-replace). The result is that you spend a lot of your valuable time on tasks that a specialist can solve in the shortest possible time - because we deal with such problems on a daily basis. Our offer: use your time for things you enjoy.

Our website migration service is a guarantee of success: if the installation does not work, the migration fee will not be due. Requirement for this guarantee is that the customer provides all required login details and that the application located there is runnable and that this application supports PHP 7.x.

Supported web applications: Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, typo3, Piwik, Piwigo, phpMyAdmin, phpBB (incomplete list, others on request)

With our website relocation you can be sure that the database names, folder names of your installations have meaningful and self-explanatory names if possible. This makes troubleshooting much easier in case of problems. You also have a template for future installations so that you can learn from our examples.

Tip: We recommend that you do not develop websites locally, but rather on the server from the outset and protect them with password protection. You can also use a free subdomain assigned by us and also use our free trial period. This saves you a lot of "complicated" technical steps for non-professionals and allows you to take over the pre-installed web applications, which we may have pre-installed free of charge, on a turnkey basis and use them directly. This way you will get results in the shortest possible time and you can consult our support in case of problems.

The price is per web application once for the relocation of your website from a local installation or another provider to our web hosting packages. When you want to migrate a static website (e.g. HTML web site) the price per static website is the same as the price per web application.

The price is for website migrations from another webhosting provider to Domain & Webspace Tremmel as new webhosting provider. For website transfers beween other webhosters or for outgoing website migrations to another webhosting provider (away from Domain & Webspace Tremmel), please ask for an individual quotation.

plus, if necessary, surcharge according to workload if script adaptations/programming work is necessary (plug-ins that are tailored to a specific operating system and are not portable).

Please organize an appointment before ordering a website migration. A website migration is possible only at the times which our support team may tell you.