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Webhosting for your website

Webspace plan 2GB

in year 1 3.96 / year (0.33 / month)
after year 1 8.76 / year (0.73 / month)


Domains assignable to your account ()
externe Domains assignable ()
Subdomains (e.g.
a catchall subdomain ("catching anything ending with")
No domain inclusive (for domain prices please refer to price list)


POP3/IMAP mail boxes
email addresses (e.g. that (1) redirect to another existing email address (e.g. your gmail address) or (2) to one of your POP3/IMAP mail boxes)
SSL/TLS secured email transfer (Via our server certificate, you may send emails)
auto responders (e.g. informing people contacting you that you are out of office etc.)
Catch-all email address (collecting any email address ending with, e.g.
Spam filter
Web Mail

Disk space

traffic (fair use)
2 GB
Webspace (for files, emails and your database)
MariaDB/MySQL databases (for web applications (external access blocked))
PHP (for web applications, PHP5 supported with current PHP versions such as PHP 7, PHP 5.6, PHP 5.4 and others, PHP uploads up to 128 MB allowed, memory_limit up to 256 MB, max_execution_time = 120s)
CGI, Perl, Python, SSI supported
Plesk (or our own webhosting administration interface)
TLS/SSL certificates may be used
Free Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS-certificates are supported (experimental) (You may install Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS-certificates)
Install web applications with a few clicks (e.g. Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, typo3, Matomo/Piwik Web Analytics)
Easy password protection (with .htaccess)
Customized error pages can be defined (with .htaccess)
access with FTP
additional FTP users (also for specific subdirectories)
Access to mod_rewrite
AWStats and Webalizer statistics
Access to log files
Configuring DNS entries of the managed domains
RAID mirroring
daily data backup (which is kept for 10 days) (Restoring a backup is charged according to the additional services price list.)
Server location: Germany
100% green electricity, highly available internet connection
guaranteed availability
Signing a DPA ("Data processing agreement") according to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is possible without an extra charge and can be requested from our support team
for private and commercial use
No pure download sites allowed
No erotic websites allowed


Support via email
24/7 server monitoring
Test our webhosting account for a symbolic fee of 0.01 EUR for 4 weeks
When setting up your webspace, we can also install one of these for free:
Content Managent Systems/Blogging software (e.g. Wordpress) a forum a wiki a web analytics software (e.g. Matomo/Piwik Web Analytics) ownCloudPiwigo, eine Bildergallerie (ideal für Fotografen)

Additional services

0.00 €
If desired we install Wordpress for you for free when initially setting up your account and send you the login details.
3.00 €
You can install any number of applications for free. If you want us to setup other applications we offer that at a charge of 3 € per application.
starting at 5 € / year
TLS/SSL certificate (A TLS/SSL certificate is used to encrypt communication between the visitor's browsers and the server is encrypted. Also search engines may rank websites higher that use TLS certificates.)
5.00 €
Activation of mailing lists (one time payment for being able to create a unlimited number of mailing lists).
5.00 €
Activation of Ruby on Rails (one time payment for unlimited RoR applications)
5.00 €
Activation of Node.js (one time payment for unlimited Node.js applications)
5.00 €
Activation of PostgreSQL (one time payment to replace one or more MariaDB/MySQL databases by PostgreSQL databases)
3.00 €
Activation of cronjobs (one time payment for being able to create a unlimited number of cronjobs).
3.00 €
per restored backup
1.10 €
per additional database.

Contractual detail

1 year
Minimum contract duration
14 days
Money back guarantee/right to revoke contract within 14 days after ordering without giving reasons.
14 days
Cancellation of contract is possible up to 14 days before end of contract.
When not cancelling the contract, the contract is renewed automatically for 1 year.
The webhosting fees are to be paid after the webhosting account is provided for the contract period.
Upgrade is possible at any time. Only the difference between the smaller and the new plan is to be paid for the current contract time.

Price and payment

in year 1 3.96 / year (0.33 / month)
after year 1 8.76 / year (0.73 / month)

Payment methods: